Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Did You Know that You Can Save Time and Polys?

Did you know that you can save a week's worth of time and hundreds of polygons but using a free Instant Mesh gadget Instant Mesh?  I suspected it would not work for me.  So many addons and gadgets aren't quite what I am looking to find or are too expensive, but this one is saving me so so much time.  Its only drawback is that it is fairly PC consumptive.  I need to export my hi poly out of Blender and close it.  I need to be out of Out Sim to run it too.  My graphics card and ram needs to work hard to create the quads, but the gadget makes them quickly, uniformly and without a hitch.  I can now use my Myst/Uru origins to bake up some nice Hi to Lo Poly transfers in cycles without much of a fuss at all.  The scene here is finished and it looks fairly simple, but it would likely take me a week to repoly the Hi poly sculpts without the gadget.  Now I can concentrate what node shaders to use, and not so much on how to simplify my sculpts or mark my seams before I start that process.

I sculpt first, Instant mesh the outcome, use the instant mesh to for transfer process.  I am ready to surface.  I am not sure how it work on my character that I am also working on, but I am looking forward to trying the 5 minute process Fergus