Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do You Know About the Joy of Texture Painting?

No?  The Joy of Texture Painting is coming for a limited time to a You Tube Live Stream near you.  The date for the Live Premiere is not yet announced, but one its introduction  tutorials that the show discusses is now available for Waymarker participants to preview.

The tutorial is a two parter.  The longer tutorial about how to make a helpful canvas ground for a Lo Poly texture paint that eliminates hundreds of polygons along the way is accompanied by a shorter tutorial about how to use BSurfaces to create a Lo Poly model that very closely resembles its Hi Poly parent.

Soon to come is the BSurfaces Modeling Live Discussion, but even without attending that participation, former BSurface users should be able to pick this up and go with it (a few of the steps changed over the past few updates).

Once the premiere is over (and if everything goes well) it is expected the Joy of Texture Painting will continue.  At this time Ruby is practicing some of Bob Ross's favorite phrases in tribute to her mentor's style and comfy likeness.  No stress or fuss, just follow along and fun.  By the way, the program will not use a live discussion format.  The show's format will be a live presentation format, but Waymarker viewers are welcome to comment by posting in the G+ Community.

Until then take a looksee at the tutorial to see if you can use the information now or need to wait until the class dicussion takes place or The Joy of Texture Painting premieres live from the studio located over the Waymarker 88221, Nara's Nook Grid, Open Sim.