Sunday, January 10, 2016

Did You Know That the Waymarker Storybuilding School is launching Season II 1.24.2015?

The Waymarker is beginning anew season of live tutorials on the 24th of January.  Last year our experiment revealed that we could eliminate some of the fluff and concentrate on learning to build in a comfortable and friendly environment. Since we aren't only interested in our own tutorials, we can explore, unpack and unravel other Open Sim authored tutorials during live conversations visa Skype and Google Hangout. The garbled or no audio tutorials that instruct us about great concepts, but are difficult to see or hear will be discussed along with some of the best tutorials that still provoke questions or comments by Waymarker participants.

In other words the good ole tried and true WHERE to find WHAT we are looking to use.  WHEN and in what sequence to apply a Blender (or other tool).  HOW we can use Blender (or other tools) without the fuss or stress.  WHY so we can remember to COMPARE and CONTRAST with what we already know about building in Open Sim with Open Sim Primitives, Lighting, Maps and Scripts.

The WHO is of course the participant and the author of the tutorials we can collect to make our storybuilding lives easier, social and enjoyable to do.  All of this to build wonderful stories on our own and with groups of like minded creators.

So come join us to learn or teach a lesson at the Waymarker's new location on Nara's Nook Grid, or return to Kitely to find our annex Edummersive Learning Worlds where you can hop through the hypergrid directly to the Waymarker School.

More information and the schedule forthcoming in the next two weeks so you can better prepare to study or review the basics and participate in the discussion with the instructor.