Friday, January 15, 2016

BSurface Uses are 2 of the Many Live Tutorials Being Scheduled for the Waymarker School

What we learned during Waymarker's Season I live tutorials will be used to develop Q and A conversation topics for Season II.  One of the things we learned was that many of our conversations were attended by only 1 or 2 persons at time.  The low turnout from participants who did want to learn was related to time zone, work schedule and other RL priorities.  We knew that and understood.  We have the same issues, so this year there is a minimum group (4) and a maximum group (10) to hold a Q and A.  If 3 persons and the facilitator are not present, the Q and A will be rescheduled.

Another issue we came across was notification about the hangouts or calls.  It seems no matter how much notice gets plastered through G+, the calendars or the forum, someone is not reached and misses out.  This year I hope to better plaster the OS walls, so please ignore the notices and don't be annoyed.  Ignore them if you are not interested.

Finally (at least for today/s post) it is important to let participants know that we plan to hand out a questionaire (a "sorta" survey) about what you would like to learn how to learn in OS?  For example, while learning and improving my Blender skills, I would like to learn more about scripting.  I can read many of the less complex scripts, even adapt some of them to my liking, but I need to understand the concepts and structure in order to effectively use them for my storybuilds.  It is likely that some participants want to learn about creating avatars and clothing, but don't give a hoot about
making furniture.  After reading recent articles about what OS neighbors come to OS to do, I would like to know more about builder needs.  I will try to keep the questionaire short, but I am hoping the answers will help potential Watmarker instructors plan their live tutorials about their own (and other's) online video tutorials.