Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do You Know About the Joy of Texture Painting?

No?  The Joy of Texture Painting is coming for a limited time to a You Tube Live Stream near you.  The date for the Live Premiere is not yet announced, but one its introduction  tutorials that the show discusses is now available for Waymarker participants to preview.

The tutorial is a two parter.  The longer tutorial about how to make a helpful canvas ground for a Lo Poly texture paint that eliminates hundreds of polygons along the way is accompanied by a shorter tutorial about how to use BSurfaces to create a Lo Poly model that very closely resembles its Hi Poly parent.

Soon to come is the BSurfaces Modeling Live Discussion, but even without attending that participation, former BSurface users should be able to pick this up and go with it (a few of the steps changed over the past few updates).

Once the premiere is over (and if everything goes well) it is expected the Joy of Texture Painting will continue.  At this time Ruby is practicing some of Bob Ross's favorite phrases in tribute to her mentor's style and comfy likeness.  No stress or fuss, just follow along and fun.  By the way, the program will not use a live discussion format.  The show's format will be a live presentation format, but Waymarker viewers are welcome to comment by posting in the G+ Community.

Until then take a looksee at the tutorial to see if you can use the information now or need to wait until the class dicussion takes place or The Joy of Texture Painting premieres live from the studio located over the Waymarker 88221, Nara's Nook Grid, Open Sim.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Did You Know That The Waymarker is Interested In Learning Every Whichaway?.

Practice an Easy Build 1st
The first two lesson conversations and a special navigation run through discussion is scheduled for next week.  The navigation run through will only be held if anyone needs explanation about what menus, tools and add-ons the Waymarker uses for creating storybuild assets.After learning from participants how it goes best last year:

1) This year the Waymarker will offer live tutorial discussions after participants get a chance to work through video and text tutorials on their own. 

See Calendar Often for times, dates and updates
 **Also please complete the Blender Navigation Self-Quiz Survey.

2) After the live discussions that will be recorded when possible, participants who could not attend the meetings will get a chance to hear the audio and exchange information @ Waymarker's new forum (not fancy, but works well to keep information classified and sorted).  Forum members will need to join the Waymarker 88221 Google Plus (Hypergrid) Community before joining the forum to ensure they get notices and postings that may not get to the forums until after live discussions are held.
Then tackle a more challenging build.

3) If you are interested in storybuilding assets, learning about storybuilding in general or are just a beginner, other class presentations/discussions  in strictly beginner Blender and NPC and PMAC animation will be scheduled in the next few weeks.  Instructors Nara Malone and Serene Jewell do a great job of teaching Open Sim builders how to use these resources.

4) Materials, including PDF tutorials, text transcripts for videos, texture images, and Blender files that lead participants directly into th work are available to all Waymarker participants to "study" before live discussions.  It is likely some participants won't need to attend the live discussions or join the forums, but these resources are here if you need them, or you need a nudge to get inspired.  Working and collaborating with others always seem to spur enthusiasm.

5).  As the season continues, notices will be sent out that lesson files are ready to pick up.  If you have time to take a look at the calendar you will see there several weeks of classes already listed.  Click on the tab to see what is needed and directions to meetings.  This season should be well over by carefree days of summer, or for die hards the building days of yet another hypergrid community project.  Whatever reason you have fo get some new learning we hope we can help you in some way.

Special thanks to Open Sim Tutors and Bloggers for their continuous work to teach us what we want and need to know.

Friday, January 15, 2016

BSurface Uses are 2 of the Many Live Tutorials Being Scheduled for the Waymarker School

What we learned during Waymarker's Season I live tutorials will be used to develop Q and A conversation topics for Season II.  One of the things we learned was that many of our conversations were attended by only 1 or 2 persons at time.  The low turnout from participants who did want to learn was related to time zone, work schedule and other RL priorities.  We knew that and understood.  We have the same issues, so this year there is a minimum group (4) and a maximum group (10) to hold a Q and A.  If 3 persons and the facilitator are not present, the Q and A will be rescheduled.

Another issue we came across was notification about the hangouts or calls.  It seems no matter how much notice gets plastered through G+, the calendars or the forum, someone is not reached and misses out.  This year I hope to better plaster the OS walls, so please ignore the notices and don't be annoyed.  Ignore them if you are not interested.

Finally (at least for today/s post) it is important to let participants know that we plan to hand out a questionaire (a "sorta" survey) about what you would like to learn how to learn in OS?  For example, while learning and improving my Blender skills, I would like to learn more about scripting.  I can read many of the less complex scripts, even adapt some of them to my liking, but I need to understand the concepts and structure in order to effectively use them for my storybuilds.  It is likely that some participants want to learn about creating avatars and clothing, but don't give a hoot about
making furniture.  After reading recent articles about what OS neighbors come to OS to do, I would like to know more about builder needs.  I will try to keep the questionaire short, but I am hoping the answers will help potential Watmarker instructors plan their live tutorials about their own (and other's) online video tutorials.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Did You Know That the Waymarker Storybuilding School is launching Season II 1.24.2015?

The Waymarker is beginning anew season of live tutorials on the 24th of January.  Last year our experiment revealed that we could eliminate some of the fluff and concentrate on learning to build in a comfortable and friendly environment. Since we aren't only interested in our own tutorials, we can explore, unpack and unravel other Open Sim authored tutorials during live conversations visa Skype and Google Hangout. The garbled or no audio tutorials that instruct us about great concepts, but are difficult to see or hear will be discussed along with some of the best tutorials that still provoke questions or comments by Waymarker participants.

In other words the good ole tried and true WHERE to find WHAT we are looking to use.  WHEN and in what sequence to apply a Blender (or other tool).  HOW we can use Blender (or other tools) without the fuss or stress.  WHY so we can remember to COMPARE and CONTRAST with what we already know about building in Open Sim with Open Sim Primitives, Lighting, Maps and Scripts.

The WHO is of course the participant and the author of the tutorials we can collect to make our storybuilding lives easier, social and enjoyable to do.  All of this to build wonderful stories on our own and with groups of like minded creators.

So come join us to learn or teach a lesson at the Waymarker's new location on Nara's Nook Grid, or return to Kitely to find our annex Edummersive Learning Worlds where you can hop through the hypergrid directly to the Waymarker School.

More information and the schedule forthcoming in the next two weeks so you can better prepare to study or review the basics and participate in the discussion with the instructor.