Saturday, September 12, 2015

Developing a Blender and Substance Painter process that works for Open Sim.

Did You Know That you can develop a Blender and Substance Painter process that actually works to texture models for open sim?  After reading much about how it wouldn't work due to a Blender's OpenGL Licensing quagmire (or some equivalent snafu), I came across a blog article that nicely explained how to set up the nodes for cycling the materials baked and exported from my work in Substance Painter (SP).  It is necessary to know something about Blender Cycles and about how to use channels and layers in Substance Painter, but it is possible to get a like result.

Since I wanted to experiment with something I would really use I modeled a space crate I modeled from a cube for a community project.  The additional node is an emission node texture set.  It worked fine and baked well.

A 3 part process: 1) model in blender and export to SP, 2) paint and export model/UVs in SP and 3) return to Blender Cycles (provide render lighting). Note: While SP does not bake out a single composite map, Blender Cycles will.  Padding issues are resolved or of minimal concern.

For more information about how to use the workflow for an open exportable (collada) model, join our Waymarker 88221 community where you will find the tutorial.

Blog Article link using Suzanne Blender Monkey