Monday, August 3, 2015

Today, August 3, 2015 Did You Know That making cloth is an easy Blender process?

Using cycles makes it even easier.  2.75 Blender (please update, if you haven't already).

The first animation process I learned in Blender was to make a cloth tablecloth.  After watching a few videos that did not include something or other, I designed a workflow that I could use time after time.

Once I could make tablecloths, I realized I could make many other cloth items, including clothing, bedding and tents.  Did You Know That making cloth is easy and so useful?   And since intermediate classes are being offered again after a brief building vacation, I thought it best to start with cloth and some nice place to display the cloth.  How about over a comfy reading chair?  See following:

Live Intermediate Blender Classes are starting up again at the Waymarker  88221. 88221.  Then next two classes (one this week and 8/11 will cover how to box model a 1 prim reading chair and create a cozy blanket for it (Making Cloth).  Before class it is recommended you review the tutorial and download the elements for the model (available 8/3/2015 by 12:00 noon PST).  More information is available @ the Waymarker 88221 Google+ Community.  The tutorial be delivered via skype audio.

Although the tutoring will cover building the reading chair and texturing it in cycles, it is likely the class will continue over to the following week.  When the chair is completed, we can start the cloth process  - the blanket to drape over the chair.

**Note:  (optional) the chair legs originally modeled in sculpty paints will not be covered during the live tutorial, but information is included about how to lathe the legs, so that the legs can be modeled before class.  Since the legs can be built after the fact, you do not need to build the chair legs before the tutorial.

Class begins at 12:00 noon PST 8//2015.  See you there.