Monday, June 15, 2015

"Hudson Valley River" Lighting (Off Sim) Experiment Continues...

Today's 6/15/2015 Did You Know That? it takes a good while to build off sim while considering  painterly perspective?  The baking for each hill, mountain or flat took most of the afternoon.  Then there were color choices that would blend with the horizon in some places and allow for highlights in others.  What I ended up with at the close of the days is Progress so far @ building in perspective to 3d world.  The challenge continues without resorting to gray or sepia (at least for now).
Yes, it would be less challenging, if we could use voxels, but I grew weary waiting around, so this experiment came about anyway.   Distance, depth, and horizon issues come with freedom to wander and views from all 4 sides - building a story in the round. Voxels would be of no help for these problems. Neither will routinely building in boxes (inside structures, behind walls).