Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mixing, Blending, Whittling & Clarifying

View From Overlook
Today's 6/16/2015 Did You Know That? there is an older video about using cycle nodes that is very easy to follow, but difficult to see clearly.  So I wrote up a node follow along to go with your view.  The narrator's voice is clear enough to make sense of the film, if you know what node options he is making.  So here is the follow along outline.  Coming soon a blender file (stored in the Waymarker to accompany the outline). https://youtu.be/gxLEv1k8VMImaterial
In between finding this video I stored away awhile back and viewing it again, I managed to work on my off sim lighting experiment.  So far, so good.  I am still enjoying the process, and it is working to bring depth to my one region build.
Here are today's results - photos still facing the west from an overlook and the beach.  The objective is use mountain shapes repetitively (but not boringly) with textures that blend into the sunlight, water color changes and the horizon.

Reminder:  Once the off sim set up is set down by the storybuilder, visitors cannot "pull back the curtain, or head out into those seas.  They can pan about, but their views continued to be fixed views.

View from the Craggy Beach

Details Closer Up