Thursday, June 11, 2015

Putting My Lightbox to Work & Personalizing Assets

Luggage Surface Comparison
Today's 6/11/2015 Did You Know That? you can use a Blender lightbox stage repeatedly to tweak various lighting bakes for inworld or storybuild objects?

Not too much to say about (talked about how to set up the lightbox in the last two posts, but I wanted to display the difference inworld between my 3 storybuild asset trunks.  My objective was to take the clean trunk and make it look like it was dragged through a few dozen wormholes and time travel stations.  If I were to do this again (likely) I would work with the hemi lights a bit more.  I wanted the trunk to look dusty, but it got a bit too dusty when I turned off the overhead light. But overall it worked like I expected it would.  The top of the trunk is light enough to show out the security lock, a detail important to my story.  And the decals (stencils)  were easy to apply to the map during the last texture paint phase.
Luggage Decals Added

By the way, using stencils is a brush pressure sensitivity task. 
Right Click Drag = Movement Up, Down, Left or Right
Right Click Shift = Scale stencil to size of face
Right Click Control = Rotate Stencil
Caution:  Be careful about using (label) stencils  - copyright issues may preclude you from using same, but if you write your own story, and create your own applicable stencils, you will have no worries.