Thursday, June 18, 2015

Off Sim Backlighting Creates Depth and Detail Interest

 Today's 6/18/2015 Did You Know That? you can add back lights to your Off Sim scenery to provide more depth?

As with everything we can do in Open Sim (liberal prim allowances and economical land masses), there is a tendency to overdo.  Today I've decided not to add any more objects into my westerly Off Sim view.  if there continues to be a need for more layering after I add views (that use some repetitive objects from the westerly view), I will then add details into those views. 

Adding water wave details, a lone bird that flies no higher than the horizon and depth allows, a narrowing walkway (that no one will be able to follow, but should be there anyway), and some additional effects like a timed setting sun, changed the windlight again.  The solution was set the sky for a darker hour, and change the color horizon color settings.
Color Change Back Lighting Example
 Depending on your windlight color, you can add a backlight into the Off Sim horizon.  Color change scripts will add an additional interest option.

Subtle Bar Light on Horizon
Providing a subtle backlight (bar of light) on the horizon will throw off enough light to illuminate the farthest away hills, and increase the color tension between the horizon and the sky.

Receding pathways and water details are often used by artists to increase a sense of depth and mystery about what exists beyond?