Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Did You Know That? In Cycles Render You can Create Quite an Elborate Rendering Preview Stage to Use Over & Over

Today's, 6/9/2015 Did You Know That? Question is about creating your own "last process" cycles rending stage, so that you save time when you check out your specularity and bumps.
I got **tired of setting up my cycles rendering with lamps, so I created a quick change stage.  By using or not using, replacing backgrounds and camera lighting through the nodes, I can set up my rendering view port window in a few minutes, depending on how many adjustments I want to make to my world environmental options. 

In these slides you will see the difference between using the 3 kinds of stages I use all the time.  Of course the first stage uses less resources and rendering time is minimal.  The complex scene is slower to rend and seems to use more resources, but that could be me tapping my fingers while it takes several seconds rather than the one second it takes the normal use stage to render. 

So I usually add my household objects (the ones that are not going to be master works of art <she says with a silly grin>, and for more often seen models I use the complex stage with all the bells and whistles.  At this point I am not sure why?  Because when I take the model into my open sim, windlight world, my model's nuanced color will look different anyhow.  Nevertheless, I keep whittling away at the learning curve, and somehow it makes sense to plug in every bump and shine regardless of whether anyone sees a 1M storybuilding asset.

**Note:  I've noticed often that linear folks (one pleasant step after the other) will create a stage like the ones discussed here from the outset.  Me being a lateral person rarely thinks of doing these systematic operations until I am weary from starting over again and again, or until I know every other which away reason for doing something.   Family members refer to my malady as bullheadedness.  I like to think otherwise of course.