Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Alternative Light Stage Set Up for Viewing Blender Mesh

Today's (6/10/2015) Did You Know That" you can bake textures into your **light box scene," that was started yesterday, so that you can see your lighted model through the materials option instead of render? 

Part II of my "finding a light @ the end of my workflow" journey continues.  Today I finished up my lightbox stage that I actually plan to simulate (somehow) @ the Waymarker 88221 (school for storybuilders). 

The stage is now set to light my models to be seen through the real time material look option.  Now I should be able to see what I am doing without resorting to the longer time taking render.  It makes the process more intuitive for me.  I don't nod off during the render.  In other instances, I don't mind using render for lighting, but I want to bake textures into my model, so it takes less time to render in world (in theory).

Building the set also confirmed what I knew about baking onto the stage floor and my replaceable model.  It was good practice.  Since I am adding the blender file to the Waymarker Community drive file, participants will be able to pick it up and replace the texture that is now glued/baked to the floor, and/or replace the object that is sitting on the display floor.  All the nodes are there and hooked up.  It does take some time to bake the texture to object's material, so I am not sure this 3rd stage set up will be useful for everyone.  I do think its an advantage to see how baking works, and in particular how we can bake/save lighting effects  into our surfaces without the use of additional tool. 

**Reference Andrew Price original informative video here for additional perspective