Friday, May 15, 2015

Waymarker 88221 Did You Know That? is About Our Invitation to Access our Recorded Tutorials 24/7

Today's Latest Recorded Tutorial Added to Docs
Today's 5/15/2013 Waymarker 88221 Did You Know That?  there are now three ways for learning about building (Open Sim primitive and Blender Mesh) @ the Waymarker. 
  • Participants (including hypergrid) can join us for live Blender tutorials at the Waymarker on the Kitely Grid (see Kitely calendar).  Watch for G+ announcements.
  • Participants can join the Google + Waymarker community to access the Google docs files where MP4 video w/sound tutorials and PDF versions are stored, along with the applicable Blender files for quick starts and any images or resources needed to complete projects.  
  • Participants are invited to join presenters and tutorial creators in Google Hangouts to discuss the project or ask questions about the recorded tutorials. 
Of course there is a trade off for all of this community (greater Metaverse) minded spirit and participation.  Waymarker tutors invite participants to  take part in tutoring using a method that works for them.  This way we all get to share the work we see at the Show and Tells and inworld.  It is the encouragement of fellow builders that motivates tutors to continue creating new methods for reaching  3D illustrators.  It is not our effort  to cover the metaverse with Blender Mesh.  Rather it is an opportunity to be better builders in general. 

So, if you haven't received an invitation to join the community, one way or the other, please let us know.  We can get your sort of invite out to you.