Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Today's Waymarker 88221 Did You Know That? is all about improved Blender Mesh texture masking processes.

Today's Waymarker 88221 5/12/2015 Did You Know That? you can paint directly on your mesh model without it bleeding from one face to other by using UV masking?  And did you know that you could use control c and select faces to mask so that there is no excuse for not being able to paint in blender any longer?  See the two examples here.  1) used the face selection mask, painted to 5 sides of the cube with one left over for the stencil.  2) even more fun --- (forget about trying to paint on a UV in another program) Used masking with control c selection tool to paint directly to faces I wanted to paint and no other part of the bottle (curves and all).

For my friends who argue that wacky texture unwrapping and texturing is the reason they've not tried Blender there really is no excuse anymore.  While the cube painting and stencil texturing is comparable to do what we do in world (even less complicated than inworld),  we can't paint one prim organic objects using the select only some faces we want to texture/paint in world. No pile of textures for this or that to contend with either, albeit I do like to shuffle through textures from time to time :)

I can't wait for tomorrow's Blender Tutorial class.  It will be lots of fun and exciting to see immediate results coming from participant work.