Thursday, May 28, 2015

Today's Did You Know That Question is about a QD (quick & dirty) Way to Mesh a Wall

 Today's 5/28/2015 Did You Know That?  you can use a reference drawing (blue print) with your extrusion of a plane to draw your way to building a wall, house or whatever you can imagine?  In this case I needed a wall for my mountain that I built several months ago.  I did not want to start over.  Rare Find Mountain is itself a character in my plot, and she works well in my environment.  So:
1.  I took a screenshot of my original model in an orthographic top view and used it for the reference print. 
2.  To use a reference, key N and bring up the properties menu.  Choose Add image as shown in the slide and adjust as desired. Generally the only adjustments needed are resize, right or left (X or Y), and opacity.

Note:  if you no longer have your original model, you could take a photo of the build you want to reference while you are in your world (or someone's world) and use it for your reference print.
3.  Add a plane, extrude from one edge,  while constraining the Z axis, and carefully draw faces like you would vector lines from one point to the next.   This might take a bit of practice, depending on how much dot to dot (box to box) drawing experience you have. 
4.  Roll your view port into 3D view with your mouse, select all faces and start your extrusion.  You have a nice wall or walls. 

Note:  If you want doors or windows in your wall, don't extrude (deselect)  applicable vertical faces.  Or you can wait and delete those faces later ( a bit more work to case the openings). 
Personally, I think its fun to draw face to face or dot to dot (vertices), and you quickly get such nice clean geometry from the process.