Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Waymarker May Schedule Update

Rafting with a color palette in mind

This month we are expanding the Waymarker Live Tutorial Schedule.  I am happy to announce that Serene Jewell will be tutoring basic blender mesh and I will begin scheduling intermediary (project lessons) next week. 

*At this point we know that Serene will be tutoring blender mesh navigation 101 on Thursday at   10 am PST and blender mesh materials 102  on Friday at 10 am PST.

 **Please check schedule changes on this website and in the Kitely calender.  Sometimes      circumstances necessitate cancellation, postponement, or rescheduling.

Also I will be starting to publish my Did You Know That?  posts about building and displaying builds in Open Sim.  For example, Did you know that Itunes University (a mostly free online university that offers several courses) is now offering a 115 video Blender course?
Itunes University Blender Tutorials

I have watched a few of the videos already.  These clearly audible videos are very well done, move along, provide adequate information and great visuals.  Since it makes no sense to -rehash these already made and free videos, check them out here.  I am sure you will be happy you did, particularly those of you need to download for bandwidth reasons.  Start your own collection of videos you want to view over and over.  Yes, you can download and watch them on most mobile devices too.  (MP4) - 115 lessons, time for each lesson  between 1 to 17 minutes.