Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Multiple Textures for One Bowl (1 Joined Model) of Dinosaur Oatmeal

 The Waymarker 88221 5/20/2015 Did You Know That? you can use several imported textures on a model and import them all at once (on 1 prim) to Open Sim.  This question came up, because we never got this far in earlier tutorials, and some folks needed a bit of clarification about how different  textures are applied to a joined model in Blender before exporting. 

The process is a bit confusing, because nothing seems to work, but it does (even in Blender Render)  Adding a trip through the node editor to add specularity and other fringes is a nice elaboration.  But not entirely necessary.

To make matters wacky worse and more fun, when you edit the model in Open Sim (after you import the collada in the usual way)  you will see the multiple textures, and when you look those textures up in inventory, they will all be there 1, 2, 3, 4 or more.  No painting, no generation,  no baking (with exception of ambient occlusion)   You can change them around if you like. 

In this case the model I've chosen is a coconut bowl.  A little odd, but I needed one for a dinosaur who likes to eat oatmeal out of it.  Storybuilding first, then Blender wonking.
The Steps
1.  Create model and mark seams, so that your islands are separated in your UV Unwrap.

2.  OPTIONAL - Complete an ambient occlusion first, save that image, then choose a material and attach (import) that image to the material you chose for the "whole" model you occluded

3.  Select the Island by island (faces for each island) and assign a material for each different island you want textured differently.  The choice of different materials for each island is how you can know for sure your textures will "slide into place" over those faces.  Use your Outliner, not the UV image editor to see this.  Your UV image editor will likely fool into thinking that every island is being textured with the latest texture you apply.

Note:  Be sure you've checked textured solid and back face culling, so that you can see your model is textured in the way you like.  Save often in case you want to resort to an earlier version. 

4.  Export using Open Sim operator presets.  Import into world high LODs  (You can afford in OS).
Go into edit and check out the texture stack you brought in with the model.