Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015 Waymarker's Did You Know That? Blender Mesh Texture Painting is Fun and Efficient?

Lean w/easy Curve
 Waymarker 88221 5/11/2015 Did you know That? you can build a caldera (or other terrain) with a generator, decrease the polygons you generated, paint an original texture (even if don't call yourself a painter) and then add it to your world in 30 minutes?  Use Hi Poly (7938 tri) and Export Lo Poly (246 tri).  The Live Tutorial for this week is about the relaxed fun  you can have Texture Painting.  You can  take home your own caldera or snow capped mountain (and an illustrated step to step PDF).
---No wacom required either.

This week's live project tutorial scheduled for Wednesday at 9:am PST will help you unravel what you don't get from the summary tutorial shown here.  Prior to the lesson you need the basics of navigation, but the rest of the process is  a step by step follow along.
During  this month's Intermediary live Blender tutorials participants will produce - including texturing, export and import to Open Sim:
    week 1 -  caldera or a lake/pool/mountain  5/13/2015 9 am PST
    week 2 -  table cloth, curtain, bedding  5/20/2015 9 am PST
    week 3 -  flying machine or hot air balloon 5/27/2015 9 am PST
    week 4 -   3 prim 2 level (7 room) house from a simple blue print 6/3/2015 9 am PST

In between a basic UV Unwrapping tutorial and a Retopology survey tutorial offered. TBA