Friday, May 8, 2015

Did You Know That? 5/8/2015 Ponders the Matter of Going 2 Far.

Today's Waymarker Friday May 8, 2015 Did you know that? it is likely me the world and  blender mesh builder has gone too far when I decide all this plugging and baking is worth modeling a rock? My gut reaction is huh?  So I did decrease the tri count from 18,444 to 148, and it is texture painted with an important clue to decipher (1 land impact).  Truth is the practice might be worth it, but the rock not so much.

Blender cycle recipe - diffuse map, normal map (post sculpt), specular map, texture repetition,  all stirred nicely into a sheeny rock <sighs>.

I am thrilled it is Friday! and the last day to discuss baking metaphors.   I have all weekend to repeat over and over, it is not about the gold, not about the glory, it is all about the journey.  Over and over and over again. 

Editorial Comment:  It is my opinion that Open Sim is open to prim, Blender mesh and artists of all sorts and ilks, and while it perfectly rational to buy what is needed to stage a world, I hope that it never becomes a place of buyers and sellers who specialize in only one medium, cause or objective.